Double-digit returns sounds pretty good but I need to see the numbers. Show me the money!

This are the numbers based on one of the houses in our inventory. Of course if you invest with us, we find a property that aligns more precisely with your investment goals. 

Total Investment Required

Purchase Price: $225,000

Down Payment (20%): $45,000

Closing Costs (average): $3,500

As an investor, you would invest $48,500 in cash for the down payment and need to qualify for a mortgage of $180,000.

Total Cash Invested: $48,500

Your return on your investment

$48,500 x 15% annual rate of return = $7,275 per year

Total return to investor over two years = $14,550

our $14,550 is paid out monthly as follows:

$14,550/24 months = $606 paid monthly in net cash flow

Your net cash flow every month: $606 (15% annual return on your cash investment)

Total rent paid monthly to investor (monthly rent paid by Epic Alliance)

Cost of mortgage: $899 (calculated using 2 year term at 3.5% over 25 years)

Taxes: $161

Insurance: $150

Cash flow: $606

Total paid monthly to investor ($899 + $161 + $150 + $606) = $1,816

Total deposited to your account each month by Epic Alliance: $1,816

Remember: This is how much you get paid no matter what is going on with the property. House goes vacant for a couple months? We deal with it. You get $1,816 every month. House needs a new furnace? We deal with it. You get $1,816 every month. Tenant needs to be evicted? We handle it. You get $1,816 every month. Alien invasion? We deal with it. You get $1,816 EVERY month.