Why Fund-a-Flip?

By working with us, our investment partners gain access to our expertise, our experience, and our systems. This allows our investors to benefit from the returns associated with flipping a property while avoiding the risks and headaches normally involved in the process. Our investment partners provide the capital and we do the rest. Our investors receive a guaranteed return on their investment and Epic Alliance Inc. benefits by adding another property to our inventory.


  • access to our expertise, experience, and systems

  • profit from a "flip" without the normal risks and headaches

  • your investment secured with bricks and mortar

  • guaranteed rate of return on your investment

  • investment partner supplies capital to purchase property and fund flip

  • Epic Alliance does the work required to upgrade the property

  • We find a buyer from our Hassle-free Landlord program

  • investor is paid a guaranteed rate of return per month until property is sold

I'm a numbers person, show me the money!


221 Ave V North

Here is an example based on one of the properties currently available.

Total Investment Required

Purchase and renovation price: $250,000

Investor's Return on Investment

$250,000 x 10% annual return = $2,083 per month

Estimated time for investment

1 - 3 months


Investor registered in title in First Mortgage Position

Why Epic Alliance


Flipping a house is not as easy as it looks on reality television. Recognizing a property with potential requires an intimate knowledge of the local real estate market. Things such as pricing trends, local bylaws, and familiarity with the rental market can make the difference between success and failure. Turning an undervalued house into a sell-able asset requires the skills and experience of knowledgeable tradespeople and designers. Knowing which renovations can be made economically and delivering them on time and under budget makes the difference between a sound investment and a "money pit". Epic Alliance brings the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver a flip that is both profitable and headache free.

  • knowledge of local real estate market

  • expertise in recognizing under-valued property

  • more than 30 successfully completed projects

  • team of over 25 skilled tradespeople with over 100 years combined experience

  • more than 100 properties under control

  • expertise + skills + systems = success


Do you have access to the capital to fund a flip? Are you interested in double-digit returns?

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