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What we offer our investment partners

Experience and Skills

Expertise and Experience

Systems and Skills

Systems and Skills

Character and Creativity

Character and Creativity

Here's how to generate passive monthly income as a rental property provider (the Hassle-Free Landlord Program). 
  • You invest the down payment and qualify for the mortgage
  • Epic Alliance leases the property from you for two years
  • Epic Alliance assumes financial responsibility for all repairs, maintenance and vacancies and pays you a monthly rent covering the mortgage, taxes and insurance, PLUS an additional sum equivalent to a 12 - 15% annual return on your investment
  • you sit back and watch your bank account grow

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HFLP buttonThe Hassle-Free Landlord Program

Passive rental income. No tenants. No toilets.


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Flip a house. No tools required.


When we say passive and hassle-free, we mean passive and hassle-free. Here's what some of our investors have to say about it.

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